with Jade Fusco: the DMZL


Dream Drawings and Glyph Oracles for the public: the DMZL stationed on South Congress

Austin, Texas: 

This week, I've re-visited one of my favorite activities and experiences I offer as an artist: creating Glyph drawings for the community in public places. I first started drawing Glyphs for passersby, when I lived off the Morgan L train stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in 2011. Back then I towed with my bike, a colorfully painted wooden rickshaw of my design built in collaboration with maker friends. This was the DMZL Chariot, which I pedaled around and stationed in different parks and lively intersections, offering unique, improvised drawings for those who were curious enough to sit with me in my mobile studio and stage and partake in this exchange. Over the course of 4 years, I made many Glyphs, each one of a kind, and began assembling the these characters making up this evolving alphabet, and mythology, into a codex: the Deck of DMZL (which has become it's own instagram account.)

In December of 2015, I acquired a white pick-up truck and moved to Austin. Upon settling in, I knew I wanted to continue this inspiring practice of creating drawings in public, for the delight and surprise of unwitting pedestrians. And now I had a truck--a chariot with motorized horsepower!--to use as itinerant artist's atelier. 

It took me 2 years to make it happen. The truck exterior has been painted, and her bed has been used as a stage for performances at several events by now. She's been activated, and is ready to be utilized to her full potential, as  platform for creative connection and surrealist inspiration! 

So, I made it out. I backed up to the sidewalk on the west side of S. Congress Ave., and set up shop on my tailgate. 

During these first three installments, I had he pleasure of meeting several fascinating souls, and engaging in super stimulating conversation about life, art, dreams, how we make meaning, how we relate to our subconscious and the therapeutic properties of stream of consciousness, or intuitive, art.