with Jade Fusco: the DMZL

About the Artist (cv, press)

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About the Artist

  Jade Fusco is a Mistress of Ceremonial Arts. She emcees, performs, philosophizes, sings, films and uplifts others in healing their creative channels. Her pseudonym as creatrix is DMZL ("damsel) and she is in DELIGHT. Her practice is her life-style, revolving around community and collaboration, theatrical and celebratory self-expression in the reclamation of our freedom now, encouraging everyone to shine bright in the face of fear. 

  The living, kaleidoscopic aesthetic of DMZL, is inspired by archetypal mythology, American/European Avant-Garde and Modernist movements, folk art from various cultures as well as ancient pictographic language and ritual theater. 

  Embodying and experiencing DMZL means melting genres together into surreal circumstances governed by whimsical laws, exploring the psycho-therapeutic qualities of engaging with art as a flâneuse and glaneuse: one who wanders in the space of the liminal and dreamtime, while discovering again and again, artifacts of history, our personal stories, and consciousness.

  DMZL art and performance is often interactive and improvised, serving to rewire circuitries for connection, dissolve mental and physical barriers, and unfetter the curious, healthy creative impulses of all individuals. 


Feature about Jade Fusco and her talking sculptural paintings and involving the children, at artist’s residency Masseria Fontana dei Fieri in Pietrelcina, Italy. By Dino Farese

Sample clip of mural on 6th street in Austin, Texas, by Jade Fusco, painted with assistance from Randi Southard!

Feature on Jade Fusco for Italian news channel RAI III, January 2018.