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Healing Arts

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"Welcome to my Healing Arts offering.

I am a certified practitioner of EFT, recently certified in trauma-informed Hatha Yoga practice.

My journey in the healing arts, started when I was young. I grew up in a spiritually conscious household, where I was encouraged to explore and express myself my gifts, primarily through visual art and voice.

My personal yoga practice started at 12 years old, and have been exploring a variety of wellness practices and learning from many thought leaders and coaches in the field of self-empowerment, ever since. 

In Austin in 2016, I met master EFT practitioner and teacher-trainer Sonya Sophia, and felt super inspired to dive into the deep end of the work. I raised the money to take part in her Sophia School’s 10-day intensive training—a rigorous, deeply loving and intense journey into the soul—and knew I wanted to join the team and help facilitate this experience for others. I have since assisted at 5, 10-day immersive trainings.

My private practice started in late 2016. At this point, I have tapped for hundreds of hours, with a variety of people experiencing a wide range of physical ailments, emotional distress and trauma.

As a singer and visual artist, my niche as a practitioner is supporting people in dissolving whatever is in the way of their radical, authentic self-expression. I often incorporate toning and vocal exercises into EFT, as I believe that working directly with the energy held in our vocal vibrations, is a powerful way to move energy and release loads of tension. 

I love working with anyone on the spectrum. I deeply enjoy any opportunity to work with children (I’ve tapped with my 10 year-old sister) and the elderly (my 87 year-old grandmother) and of course, anyone in between. There is no-one I will not sit with because their problems are too big, or not significant enough.

As a practitioner, I offer my presence as a conduit of love and clarity. My intention is that whomever I work with feel SELF-empowered and encouraged to claim their unique brilliance and own their capacity to heal their lives. 






EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “tapping” is a simple and powerful therapeutic modality used to RELAX, process emotional distress, neutralize toxic thought patterns, and relieve physical stress.





The technique is a synthesis of cognitive talk-therapy, and the energy-meridian work of acupuncture, activated by the cleansing power of focused breathing. 

During an EFT session, the thinking mind engages the issue at hand, while having a dialogue about it, while the flow of energy through the body’s electrical network, or meridians, is stimulated by one’s own fingertips tapping on several points on the upper body. The rhythmic tapping supports in disengaging physical stress responses by sending signals to the brain, that the body is not being directly threatened or under attack while processing certain triggering thoughts. Furthermore, new neural networks are created as existing thought patterns are acknowledged, reframed and reintegrated  while the body is flushed with breath and charged with new energy. As emotional charges release around issues, the body starts working it’s natural magic to reconfigure, rewire and regenerate. 

 All that is required is one’s fingertips, the intention to focus, and a willingness to be witnessed in sincere dialogue with oneself. 

EFT can be practiced alone, one-on-one in a space held by a practitioner, or in a facilitated group. Practitioner-facilitated group sessions are less specific and less focused on any one individual’s issue; however, group sessions are still wonderful opportunities to gain clarity and get relief, with participants being invited to go deep and explore specificity as prompted by the facilitator within their own personal experience. 

To clarify, being “free” from emotion, as the title of this practice might suggest, is not an escape from or erasure of what is being felt. Being emotionally free, is to foster a foundation of peace within that can support whatever emotions arise in the body with compassion, awareness and perhaps curiosity. 



  • calming down, chilling out

  • processing relationship stuff and practicing clear communication in all areas of our lives

  • getting in touch with, and feeling empowered around our purpose

  • processing blockages to our self-expression, experiencing "the flow"

  • manifesting our hearts desire

  • integrating and self-acknowledging the good in our lives as well as new levels of success, to keep experiencing more of the same

  • processing child-hood trauma, or trauma or drama of any kind, at any level of intensity 



  • A safe, energetic container for you to process any feeling on the spectrum, and relax into vulnerability. This is an opportunity for you to show up and meet yourself where you’re at, and express parts of yourself that may be desperate for acknowledgement, to be witnessed and expressed. Catharsis is welcome, uncertainty is welcome, numbness, grief, joy, sadness, rage, ALL of you is welcome.

  • My total presence with you, holding focused, sensitive and empathetic space for you, wherever you are at in your process. My goal is never to fix you or impose any agenda for your healing. I hold you in love in your process, wherever, and for however long you need to be in it. 

  • You remain in control. You are not required to feel, say or think anything that does not resonate with your experience. You can dive deep into your shadows and your history, or skate along the surface and stay non-specific. You will be encouraged, but never pushed, to lean into what feels like a healthy edge for you. 

  • Your process is completely confidential, sacred, and held with reverence. 



Session are roughly 90 minutes, and include:

  •  a review (for the first time) of the 12 "tapping points" aka meridian end points, that you will lightly tap on yourself with your fingers. These points send electrical impulses, activating the flow of energy in your entire meridian network. 

  • 20-30 minutes of you speaking to your current issue, feelings or circumstance, while I ask some focusing questions to help us identify possible origin stories and core causes. 

  • 40-50 minutes of tapping and processing the issue. I loosely structure a “script” drawing from what you shared around your issue, and may contribute intuited suggestions, and in a call and response format, we break down the script back and forth. I'll prompt you to take deep gentle breaths, to be present with and feel, what arises. 

  • Once the charge on the issue begins to lessen as we tap, the last third of the session may focus on exploring resolution, affirming new positive beliefs, and creating new possibilities. 

  • The final 5-10 minutes are focused on integration, acknowledging energetic shifts, take-aways, insights and epiphanies. 




  • awesome!

  • sense of relief and clarity

  • refreshed and hopeful

  • the dissolution of obsessive thought loops 

  • a regulated nervous system

  • more awareness and understanding regarding an issue or relationship

  • access to empathy and forgiveness 

  • neutrality around troubling memories 

  • energized and motivated to pursue your inspiration! 




In a single session of EFT, you can expect to move stagnant energy, gain powerful insight and experience some level of catharsis.



When EFT is practiced with regularity, it serves as an effective tool for emotional and psychic hygiene. The technique is a template for re-working thought patterns that function as the blueprint with which we are designing and experiencing our realities. Our issues are multi-faceted, having several roots in different formative or defining experiences. A regular practice, helps reinforce the new healthy thought patterns and behavioral habits that we are coding in the open spaces created when we tap regularly on our old stuff. 








I believe in the therapeutic properties of visual art, and specifically, intuitive line-drawing. I have been exploring stream of consciousness, or “channeling” techniques in my drawing practice, for over a decade, often creating drawings for people by tuning into their energy and the intention for connection, as a souvenir, or precipitate, of that unique moment. 


I include these intuitive “glyph” drawings as a souvenir of the session. Drawing is my way of grounding the energy conjured during a session into a visible trace—a precipitate—of the process we shared together. Glyph drawings are often abstract and figurative at once, which further stimulates the left and right hemispheres of the brain to feel and fuse with each other in the interpretation process, strengthening new neural networks. 


On the backs of the glyph cards, I write down the insights hatched during the session, which later serves as a loving reminder of your wisdom in process. 


The drawings are snail-mailed to your address, as a token of love. 




I also create "musical mantras" that may accompany EFT sessions. These mantras, are songs inspired by the work done together in session. Musical mantras are another way to seal and crystallize the work done in our session together. The mantras fuse word with vibration and feeling signatures, and serve as a sonic souvenir, to accompany you as you continue on your journey.. The songs are recorded and delivered to you as an mp3. 




“Jade is an amazing EFT facilitator! I went so deep with her guiding me. I felt safe, seen and cared for in our EFT session together. She was able to help me tap into profound places and receive realizations and transformations that I could not have gotten to on my own. So grateful!" -Sujata, Austin


"...I had no idea I was going to be unlocking and connecting traumatic events from my childhood with this current looping behavior and I transcended my session with Jade, with a grand release of snot faucet tears and an overwhelming sense of understanding, love and relief. I discovered that I'd been carrying this anger and trauma in my back my whole life and by the end of our session I felt my troublesome back pain dissipate." -April, San Francisco


"My session with Jade was so moving. We were able to move through so much energy from deep childhood wounds and my entire body was vibrating for a while afterwards. It was so warming to be held and heard through the retelling of old stories and assisted in reshaping them. Jades energy is motherly and wise and I was so grateful to work through so much stuff I didn’t know was lying around in just an hour...I’ve already recommended her to people I know and would do it again in a heartbeat!"-Koa, New York


"I would recommend Jade's work to anyone who is wanting to experience more peace within themselves but does not know how or is stuck at a feeling stage. She helped me to process very deep grief and guilty emotions while experiencing unexpected changes in my life...She gracefully used her energy and wisdom working with me, which lifted the veil of darkness within me of all that was happening...Through Jade's guidance I was able to find within myself calm, courage and faith for life to happen...Tapping is so empowering and I definitely recommend Jade's work for anyone, big fear, small fear, manifesting, or just finding more peace within themselves. Jade can guide you into the wisdom of your heart!"-Jacqueline, Portland



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